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The first Skipper was a colourful tribute for Intrepid's defense of the America's Cup. Tudor Replica didn't waste any time in moving the Skipper to a new case better suited for yacht timing, the compressor case from the Autavia. 7763). The caseback of this sturdy case was marked with a guarantee which has been on Autavias ever since they were introduced in 1962: "Waterproof Guaranteed,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches 330 Feet Below Water". The 40mm Autavia was also better suited for yachtsmen and could accommodate a larger counter to improve legibility.

Tudor Replica has also changed the color scheme of the Skipper to match the new Autavia case. The dial and running second recorder are both black and the chronograph countdown recording is divided into red, white, and blue segments.

Tudor Replica's catalog changed dramatically in 1969 with the introduction of its Chronomatic/Calibre 11, automatic movement, for its chronographs. New C-shaped cases were introduced to accommodate the larger modular movement for the Autavia as well as the Carrera. The Skipper continued to be housed in the Autavia compressor cases, and there was no immediate impact. However, when Tudor Replica started using C-shape case for their manual-wind movements around 1972, the Skipper (ref. The Skipper (ref. 73464) was moved to its third home.

The dial and bezel colours returned to the deep blue original of the first Skipper. Red, white, and blue continued for the countdown recording. The hands for the time of day were orange to match the orange accent on the chronograph hand from the first Skipper. The date at 6 o’clock was added, and will be a feature on all future Skipper watches.

Bigger Cases for Mineral Crystals

Tudor Replica changed the case of the automatic Autavia towards the end 1972 to accommodate a mineral glass.Omega Constellation Replica These cases (ref. The Skipper case (15640) has a higher profile compared to the older C-shape case, and a thicker black flange is present between the crystal dial.

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